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Voie Etroite binder
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Books and DVD
To ensure best prices, our books are stored in limited quantity.
contact us to check the availibility.
Last update : 19/12/2021.

French books English books German books Swiss books DVD
Nice selection of old pictures about the important NG railway built by german army in Argonne forest during WWW1.
16x24 cm size, 32 pages.
11 Euros
Le Rail Autrefois - Catastrophes
Some railways accidents at Ailly-sur-Somme on 11th July 1906, at Longpré-les-Corps-Saints on 18th November 1912 and at Étaples on 22d July 1944. Lots of old postcards. 21 x 29,7 cm size, 16 pages, B&W.
5,30 Euros
Orenstein & Koppel - Arthur Koppel - Catalogue n° 552
Reprint of 1902 french catalog. Lots of drawings of wagon, carriages, locomotives, including Mallet, fireless loco, tramway loco, tools...
French. 21 x 29,7 cm size, B&W, 50 pages.
21 Euros

Narrow Gauge by the Sudanese Red Sea Coast
A remarkable collection of photographs and notes by members of the Ellis family form the core of this book, in addition to further research by the author and writings and photographs from former Sudan railwaymen. This book charts the history of in particular, two railways from Trinkitat, the first an 18in gauge line which ran to water wells at El Tib, built in 1896 under Egyptian military supervision, later abandoned and the Tokar-Trinkitat Light Railway, a 600mm gauge line primarily used for the export of the cotton crop from Tokar, built in 1921/22 by contractors, using ex-War Department Light Railways rolling stock and Simplex locomotives, effectively absorbed by Sudan Railways in 1993 and closed in 1952.
18x24 cm size, Softback, laminated cover, 80 pages, 30 black and white photographs, 5 maps.
18 Euros

Weserhütte - Georg Futter & Co - Berlin W.57
Reprint of a less known builder in germany. Lots of drawings of wagons, track parts, locomotives... Good quality reprint.
22 x 29,3 cm size, 20 pages.
9 Euros
Henschel & Sohn, Cassel - Sonder-Katalog
Reprint of 1913 catalog from this well known german builder. Lots of steam locomotives, differents gauge, with technical data, parts. Also tramway locomotives, cranes and fireless locomotives.
21 x 29,7 cm size, 106 pages.
24 Euros
Die Lokomotiven des Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum
Collection guide of Francfort museum. A lots of locomotives, diesel engine. Technical data, history and picture of each vehicle.
Colour. 14,5x20,5 cm size, 64 pages. In german.
7,50 Euros
Die Feldbahnen der Bong'schen Mahlwerke
Very interesting book about a big quarry narrow gauge railway in germany with roundhouse, workshop, etc. Maps, history, sotcklist, etc.
Lots of B&W and colour pictures. Hardback.
21x30 cm size, 240 pages.
47,90 Euros
Schmalspurig durch Europa
B&W very nice picture of narrow gauge railway in more than 20 countries in the last 40 years.
Lots of pictures, B&W, in german.
30x21,5 cm size, 112 pages, hardback.
19,50 Euros

Chemins de fer privés vaudois 2009 - 2017, le renouveau
Operating lines, modern vehicles, projects. Technical data, news since last book published in 2009, drawings, lots of B&W and color pictures.
21,5x21,5 cm size, 300 pages, B&W and colour, good value.
Temporarily unavailable
Chemins de fer privés vaudois 1855 - 1903
Technical data, permanent way, rolling stock, historical documents, drawings, from West Swiss companies, Occidental Swiss, Simplon and Jura Simplon.
21,5x21,5 cm size, 300 pages, B&W and colour, good value.
Temporarily unavailable
Chemins de fer privés Vaudois 2000-2009
Technical data, additional information since the first edition published 10 years ago, drawings. Lots of pictures.
21,5x21,5 cm size, 420 pages, colour, good value.
Temporarily unavailable
Chemins de fer privés Vaudois 1873-2000
History, rolling stock and buildings of vaudoises companies (Swiss).
21,5x21,5 cm size, 400 pages, B&W and colour, Good Value.
Temporarily unavailable
Voies étroites de la campagne vaudoise
Temporarily unavailable
Voies étroites du Jura vaudois
Temporarily unavailable
Voies étroites du Chablais
Temporarily unavailable
MOB du Léman au Pays-d'Enhaut - Volume 1
Temporarily unavailable
MOB du Léman au Pays-d'Enhaut - Volume 2
Temporarily unavailable
Voies normales privées du pays de Vaud
Temporarily unavailable

Le p'tit train de la Haute Somme
Special edition : Centenary of the line and 45th anniversary
During 4 days in May 2016, the P’tit train de la Haute Somme celebrate the centenary of its line. A major event with several visiting locomotives from France, England and Wales, WW1 reenactment, exhibitions. Four days of intensive service to live at home ! 88 minutes, in english and french.
26 Euros

BVA photos series
Each series contain from 10 to 13 B&W quality postcards.
French railways series : 7,00 Euros Franco each series
Out of France railways series : 5,00 Euros Franco each series

Complete list of available series (French and others) (PDF)

Minors french railways series available :

  • Côtes du Nord
    524, 649, 672, 802.

  • CFD Lozère

  • Réseau Breton

  • CFD Vivarais
    571, 600, 601.

  • CFD Seine et Marne

  • PO Corrèze
    643, 644, 648, 650, 653, 655.

  • Pas de Calais
    598, 599.

  • VFIL Oise
    609, 614.

  • CF de la Camargue
    806, 613.

  • CG du Cambrésis
    617, 618.

  • SGLM La Mure

  • Cerdagne

  • Annemasse - Sixt

  • Tramways de la Corrèze

  • CF du Salève
    665, 666.

  • VF Dauphiné

  • CFN Haute Marne

  • Tramways de Laon

  • CFD du Doubs

For foreign countries railways series : please send a SAE to receive an update list.

Sale conditions

For railways postcards and foreign countries BVA photos series, please send an SAE to receive an update list.

For a faster order, please send your items list by e-mail to the secretary. Your order will be posted as soon as we received your payment.
Price included P&P, except for postcards and Voie Etroite review (see sale conditions).

Payment with the order, by credit card (Card number, Name on card, expiry date and security number : 3 last digits on the back of the card) or a cheque on a french bank. No cash with order. No payment by return.
Foreigner : Credit card (Card number, Name on card, expiry date and security number : 3 last digits on the back of the card), bank payment. Foreign money cheque : NOT ACCEPTED. Usual delay of response to reception of the command : 8 to 10 days.

Please send your order with payment by post mail to :
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